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Advantages of Compressed Sponge Products

Introduction to our Compressed Sponge specialty:

Industrial Commercial Supply (ICS for short) has worked with all types of cellulose sponge products for over 25 years. In the beginning, we sold our customers either wet or dry sponge products depending upon the individual customer need and application. Working with wet and dry (non-compressed) sponge requires some expertise that we developed over a long period of time. Several years ago we made the major decision to turn our attention to the production of compressed sponge. Getting sponge to properly compress is a very interesting art and science that we have mastered after a significant investment in equipment and expertise. On this page, we hope to explain some of the many advantages of compressed versus non-compressed sponge. It is our belief that many sponge applications can benefit from our proprietary compression process.

With our proprietary sponge compression process, normal sponge ranging in thickness from 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch can be compressed down to a thickness of less than 1/8". Please let us know if you think any of your product ideas might come to life with the help of our sponge compression technology!

A few of the many advantages of Compressed sponge:

  • Less storage and warehouse space required than non-compressed sponge saving space, energy and transportation costs.

  • When you look at the amount of space required for the non-compressed product and an equal amount of compressed product, the advantages are obvious. We don’t understand why all sponge product is not compressed! The picture to the right shows how five huge pallets of sponge standing behind the workers turns into one small, nicely packaged pallet after the material is converted to compressed sheets.

  • Longer shelf life without normal sponge spoilage worries. Wet sponge like you might typically see in a retail store requires special, air tight packaging to prevent moisture based spoilage. Once you dry and compress the sponge, your shelf life and spoilage issues are greatly diminished giving you peace of mind and some insurance against spoilage loss.

  • Lower shipping and material handling costs- save fuel cost and save the planet!

  • Printing potential: Once the product is compressed down to a cardboard sized thickness, the printing potential is virtually unlimited.

  • Unique-people pay attention and notice compressed: We meet someone every day who has never seen compressed sponge. People just find it interesting making the advertising or printed message have more pop and impact!

  • Cleaner die cut with better tolerances: Once we compress the product, it cuts cleanly like paper or cardboard providing a refined look that impresses customers.

  • Cutting and further, easy fabrication potential

  • Leak detection capability: Our compressed sponge products are used in some leak detection applications since leaks are easily detected with the expansion of the sponge product when moisture is applied. Early leak detection can save property and equipment from the destructive forces of moisture.

  • We have even had some of our customers and employees use compressed sponge in place of top soil in their home gardens. Talk about green and earth friendly! We have a great sustainability story to tell. Click here for more information on the sustainability of our products.

  • Compressed sponge is dry, clean and light which helps make our Biocide free sponge a favorite choice for various microbiology and quality control testing applications.