World Leader in Custom Fabrication of Compressed Sponge Products
Sponge Applications

Industrial Commercial Supply (ICS for short) is a custom fabricator. We don’t produce our own products. We produce products for you, our customers. Following are a few examples of the many applications and markets we serve. This should give you some idea of our custom fabrication capabilities.

Advertising specialty: We typically sell product in compressed sponge sheet form to printers/fabricators who print advertising or political messages on the compressed sponge material creating a high-impact marketing message. Advertisers like the “Wow” factor of how compressed sponge pops up to normal thickness when the end user adds water. It is a unique and interesting advertising medium.

Cosmetic: Health spas are becoming very popular across the world. Compressed sponge and non-compressed sponge products are used for makeup removal and various other face and body treatments. We sell our products to distributors who serve this market. We can die cut specific shapes and sizes and even do custom packaging.

Soldering: Compressed sponge and non-compressed sponge has long been used by the electronics manufacturing market as an accessory to clean the tip of a soldering gun. We sell to distributors and manufacturers who serve this market niche.

Industrial Cleaning: In many cases, a particular industrial cleaning application may require a certain size and shape to the sponge other than what you might find in the grocery store. We fill the need for these special applications, making sponge in every imaginable size and shape.

Janitorial Cleaning: Like the industrial cleaning market, we serve the need of a special size, shape or color of sponge material.

Education & Art: Cellulose sponge is used in a variety of educational and art related applications. It has long been known as a safe and useful product within educational and art markets. Kids and artists seem to be particularly interested in creative ways to work with compressed sponge.

Laboratory: Again, our capability to provide a size, shape and color fit for the intended niche application makes us a favorite for distributors and manufacturers who serve the lab and science markets.

Retail and consumer markets: As more people are learning about the “green and ECO friendly” capabilities of compressed cellulose sponge, we are beginning to see demand at the retail, consumer level for our compressed sponge product as an alternative to other cleaning solutions that may not be as re-usable and biodegradable.

Biocide Free compressed sponge market: Compressed sponge is an important component used in various microbiology and quality control applications. We provide biocide free compressed sheets and fabricated parts to companies who manufacture products used by quality control personnel in the food, dairy and beverage industries. These products are at work everyday helping to insure a safe and clean consumer food supply.