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Sponge Idea Corner

Industrial Commercial Supply (ICS for short) is a custom fabricator. That means we do not make our own products. Instead, we make products for our customers. We are dependent upon our creative customers to come up with great, new product ideas. We have seen a wide variety of creative ideas over the years. This page is dedicated to explaining what we can do and throwing out a few product ideas our customers may decide that want to run with.

We buy large, roughly 40 inch x 40 inch x 15 inch "blocks" of raw material from our vendors then custom fabricate them into various parts using a wide variety of specialized machinery and equipment. We also can buy “sponge cloth” material that comes in large rolls rather than square blocks.

The raw material blocks come in the following colors listed in the order of most popular to least popular:

  • Beige or Buff
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Raspberry

We can also dye sponge to a different color, but this would only work well for very small production runs.

Some of our machinery capabilities:

  • Automated sawing equipment to saw the blocks to various sizes

  • Clicker die machines use steel rule dies to cut out various shapes and sizes. A steel rule die can be produced to cut out every imaginable shape of product. These dies can be used over and over for future production runs of your product. We have an extensive die cataloging system and many standard dies in our die inventory.

  • Proprietary sponge drying and compression equipment that can compress normal 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch sponge down to a “cardboard” type of thickness.

  • We can offer custom packaging and labeling solutions for our customers.

Following is a wide assortment of product ideas that could be developed and marketed:

Just add Water to Expand. 10 pack perfect for on the spot cleaning and spill clean up. This is a perfect, biodegradable alternative to paper towels and other cleaning solutions.

From the small job to the big job, we have the sponge for every application.

Have you ever thought about using this unique sponge cloth product for your application?  We can also compress this material just like normal sponge!

How about military or extreme sports markets?  This survival sponge is dyed camouflage green.

Other Ideas:

  • How about Compressed Scrubber Sponge?

  • How about Compressed Sponge Cloth?

  • How about Compressed Sponge Cloth with a mild abrasive on one side?

  • How about using sponge scraps in place of top soil for garden and growing applications?