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Sustainability Case Studies

Shredded Sponge Scrap Reduces Waste

We continue to enhance our green-sustainability story. As we know, cellulose sponge is made from a renewable resource, it is fully biodegradable and compostable. These facts alone start a great story. Attached are a few photos that help further explain the good news about our waste recycling program that recycles waste, reduces our dumpster bill and saves landfill space!

We used to put most sponge scrap in the dumpster, but changed our ways.
Dumpster Man is defeated by ICS Sustainability Super Heroes! He gives up his quest to put sponge scrap in the dumpster!
Sponge Scrap of all kinds gets a chance at a second life!
Brand New Machine makes mincemeat out of sponge scrap!
Shredded sponge scrap has the opportunity at a new life as cellulose insulation, landscaping plant cover, absorbent sock material, etc...

We just installed our new machine recently and are currently sending samples to prospective sponge scrap customers. If you have any ideas about how it could be used, please let us know. That is the last piece of our sponge scrap story. The challenge will be to find a customer who can use about the amount of sponge scrap that we produce. Initial testing in a few select industries looks promising!